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Monday, July 7, 2014

Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy St. David's Day 2013 -- Big Strides Ahead!

Well I NEVER thought I would say this, but I am starting to feel better. SLOWLY but SURELY. I have been walking with the Lord, and He has given me strength. I have been walking Gwendolyn, my Welsh Corgi for 45 minutes a day for the last few weeks (up from just barely to the end of the street and back just a month ago). Today, it was close to 70 and as it is in my week "off" teaching (12 on one off) and I set of on a trek with puppy's with grand ambitions -- "around the lake" about 5 miles. Cannon said "that's a long way Mom".... so I went on a longer loop  instead for about 90 minutes (boy am I tired now, I will sleep well tonight). My goal is to make it around the lake by my 50th birthday (about 8 months). I want to specially thank all those who have been my cheerleaders, especially RSH and GJK. I felt well enough this week that I even cleaned the house (!!!!!) from top to bottom. Just in time for Isobel to come home for Spring Break a week from today. I am so excited. I will make it to 50 in shape!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The end is in sight.....

No, this is not me now, but I don't particularly like looking at hair too short to even comb, but on the bright side it is coming in (slowly). I had my last 30 second lead-blocked radiation this week, so the worst is over. I did burn and peel, but no blisters, so that is good news. I am still in bed most of the time, they tell me it will be a year before I feel more like my old self, but at least that is positive. I start 5 years of oral chemo in a month and I hope that this will all seem like a dream in a few years. I am very much looking forward to having a picnic (indoors) with my brother and his clan -- I haven't seen him in nearly a year (the downfall of his having four children on four schedules.... I can use all the moral support I can get so please don't be a stranger. Isobel leaves for college in 2 weeks, and Cannon goes back to school, so I will have an empty  house.

xoxo Anne

Thursday, July 5, 2012

When it rains, it pours......

After a few days of feeling really bad (vomitting etc.) I became so dehydrated I had to go to the ICU. My magnesium, potassium and lactate (lactic acid) levels were so concerning that I was on both oxygen and a heart monitor -- and they were checking my blood every 3 hours.... Its is only now, a week later, that I realize in what danger I was, they doctors finally were honest about their concerns. A main line IV was planned straight into my aorta -- and I suddenly turned around. That scared me, since I have a port already, and  had received 10 L. saline. Today I had a slew of medical appointments, and today was the first day I literally got out of bed.... so I received a new diagnosis -- fibromyalgia ( which is much less serious than the cancer, but still concerning. I have to rest, rest, and rest, and think positive thoughts as I prepare Isobel for her departure for college -- we have been having fun playing with all the different stitches on the new sewing machine. Four blankets and two stuffed elephants to go, and I think we have nearly everything set to go. I hope to start pinning the first blanket today. Next I will learn to quilt -- I am going to make her a quilted periodic table to put onto her wall.... (yes, I am a nutcase nerd). While I go up and down in my mood, a slight adjustment to my antidepressant has me feeling a bit less weepy and more cheerful. I continue to send out thanks to all of your strength and support. I will kick this cancer to the moon!

Anne Lunasagh 2012

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Another little scare...... (life is uncertain)

Today I foundnd a hard walnut sized lump in my cancercerous breast -- drinking a glass of wine and trying not to panic..... I'll have a mammogram, ultrasound and a CT scan ASAP Sigh. Yes, I am terrified, even though the oncologist says this "unusal" but not unheard of. Yes, I am scared. The radiation is making my skin peel and dry --- Lots of aloe vera and cotton.

Tomorrow I have my port flushed out and labs drawn..this too shalll pass! <3

I am hoping to go to Cleveland in September for Parent's weekend... Isobel is so excited it is cute. Trying to set up her room to feel like home -- we bought a sewing machine and will stitch up matching blankets adn throws, adn a pair of stuffed elephants. This will be good OT.

Anne xoxoxo 6-27-12

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Beautiful and Unexpected Eulogy -- Life is uncertain....

Lots of changes in a week. Cannon finished 9th grade and goes off to football camp in Reno tomorrow.  Then summer school. (English and Geometry). In the mean time Isobel graduated HS and while Cannon is in Reno Isobel goes to Danville to visit her Bay Area friends. and when Cannon returns Isobel goes off to London for a week with her Granny to say goodbye to to her own Granny (98), home for a month to prepare for school, and off she goes to Cleveland (we just ordered her a quilt and pillow shams that are perfect for her). 

In the meantime, I started radiation this week, daily 10 minutes from two angles, and I'm already exhausted. My friend's mother just suddenly died and he sent me the eulogy he wrote and it made me cry -- I only hope I have influenced my own children as much (and the eulogy will be a long time in the future).

Thank you my friends for your support. I need you now more than ever.


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Small Rewards


On Friday I had a "simulation" with at CT scan of the radiation field, so that we can check to see how  much of my right lung will be radiated (and possibly damaged). Earlier in the week I had a vacuum mold made up so that I will be held into place on my back with my arm over my head, and had several black (yuck I requested pink) tattoo markers places so that the lasers will hit the right coordinates every time.

A wise woman who has already  undergone radiation for breast cancer suggested that I plan a small reward at the finish  of each treatment. Today I bought two cases of one of my favorite wines, so I can have a small reward each evening. I am still extremely achy from the chemo, so I have to wake up, take meds, and crawl back under the covers until I can move without weeping. 

Now my sessions are scheduled, and I am wearing a ring of Isobel's to give me strength, and so that later she can wear it when she needs strength, later in life. Starting in about a week, I will be radiated every weekday at 9:50 am PST, so please send me your good throughts then. This will go on through most of August, and then I should be able to return o a "normal" life taking oral chemotherapy for five more years and being checked for mammograms every few months. This too shall pass.

Thanks again for your support and love. I need it. So do my "babies", especially as one will be flying the coop just about that time. We got her a set of  "non losable" (bright) suitcases yesterday......

Anne 6-4-2012  (now mother to 17 and 15 year olds)

with much love and appreciation.