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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Port is Still Open

Like Foxglove ("Digitalis"), I must stand strong and tall. Even poison in my veins will slay the dragon -- and I am defiant. 

My Daddy (who is just starting to wear thin at the edges enough to make me weep through a family dinner in a restaurant a few days after my major surgery) always says "life is uncertain". If I could hear the words of wisdom either of my Grannys would offer at this tenuous thread... one might say "Bloody Well Get on with It! A loving draig asked me this morning how I felt -- it was just as I got up at 6, and now at 1 in the afternoon I feel purposeful, having to carry out the goals that I have set for  this hour, today, the week, the weekend.... I have always thought my life would have had purpose it I left this world a better place than I entered it. I have purpose. My children, who have taught me the lesson of both unconditional love and patience. It may not be fun, but, like giving birth, the pain must be borne. I am not afraid of  dying, I am afraid of dying without dignity. My word is my pride. Let my children make me proud. I have every confidence they will do so exquisitely. nk

Thank you for reading.

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