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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Welcome to the Fighting Fetters Blog

This is a concise story of our fight against Anne's aggressive breast cancer. This would not have been possible without the loving support and encouragement of the entire BRHS Football Family, who has restored this family's faith in the inherent goodness of humans. Anne was diagnosed in November, had a bi-lateral mastectomy with reconstruction in December, had a port inserted into her chest wall yesterday, and begins active chemotherapy treatment on Monday, January 30. This part of the treatment will include blood transfusions, iron infusions, chemotherapy, and white blood cell injections (to prevent infection). Cannon and Isobel are not likley to post here, but I will try to capture their feelings along the journey. Special thanks to Coach Savoie and all his team, Charise Salivar, Karin Heard, and Kristin Whitehead for taking the lead in this supportive effort.

Off to my own corner, now let the fight begin!



  1. Go Anne. Fight hard. Win big! Love, Hope

    1. BRHS = Bear River High School, Grass Valley, California

      Thank you Hope! <3