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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Will the Sea Star Escape?

Courtesy of my dear friend Erik -- what a cheery shot he shared from Santa  Cruitz --- it makes me smile to look at it -- and I wonder if the seastar escaped. It looks a bit big to swallow. Slept 48 hours (nearly straight through) getting up only for essentials, like taking Cannon to the Track/Field fundraiser dinner tonight where he is serving. I am slightly more rehydrated after a few units of saline, more tomorrow, and then I hope to be back on track for a few days. It amazes me the havoc a few malignant cells can wreak. Puppy squeaky clean, collared with with her Draign and curled up angelically next to my knee, where I sit on my bed propped by pillows, a desk and computer that has a knack of repositioning its cursor randomly on the screen about every 20-40 keystrokes... VERY IRRITATING!? Frankly I have no idea but it must've been 2008 so we were in Danville, headed to Godforsaken Valley Springs that summer.

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