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Friday, February 3, 2012

Today the enormity of the tasks in front of me rose up and became real. Not only had I set myself a goal of grading all 40 papers and providing practical and concise and clever feedback for the papers that build in tone and technique on these I have and are due Superbowl Sunday. I started this morning's treatments  with a new supply of anti-emeitcs and a double shot of espresso, and did not listen to my tired body and soul: -- instead promised to attend two meetings in Berkeley (125 miles away). Thoroughly nauseated, I changed into my party clothes and set off... only to get to mid-town Sacrametno realizing I was sweating, shaking, and unable to keep the Jeep in a straight line. I pulled into a parking lot -- tried to sleep, but gave up and returned home at a snail's pace, arriving about 4. My son was off with his friends (no hope of getting wood in for a few hours) and my daughter was asleep from her own exhaustion. Lesson Learned: Plan to to do only 30% of what you had hoped --and be thankful for each moment that you dont' think you will projectile vomit!

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