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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Chemo Session 3 took 5 hours (but it is finally over)........

Three Sessions Done

Five Sessions to Go (and then 40 doses of radiation)

Of course I am feeling nervous now -- I have to check my temperature every few hours.... go back for the bone marrow reboot shot tomorrow -- its like massive growing  pains in every bone and every joint all at once from your whole life .... I am just hoping that this does not revive the neutropenic fever, I have had enough hospital time already. I am booked for fluids and anti-nausea drugs through the weekend, thank goodness my mother is coming to help with the children etc since I won't be able to drive. Isobel drove me to the chemo in the rain and handled it like a champ (even the jerk who honked when she didn't start like Mario Andretti (she had to get it in gear!).

Its pouring with rain today which is great for the bulbs that the children helped me to plant -- I had been saving ash from the fireplace -- and dumped it into the barrels with some bulbs -- the kids spread out the ashes, and I planted day lilies (orange from Craigs List Davis), allium (blue and white), assorted daffodils (from Grocery Outlet) and Lily of the Nile (Agapanthus, moved from behind a big bush where they were unseen, nor sure if they are blue or white). Then kids spread out 6 huge bags of dirt (I cannot touch anything that might have bacteria on it).

Now before I risk feeling the side-effects (I have a a 6-8 hour window so I will be working as long as I can manage now .... teaching and taking a course -- getting the teaching done first.

Pi Day 2012 (3.1415926...)

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