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Friday, March 23, 2012

I'd heard a few, but not seen any yet.....

A Hummingbird! I love these.... and this year I will put out lots of food for them. I will meet or beat the challenge of the gentleman I met in Costco in Danville -- he goes through 25 lbs of sugar a WEEk to keep his birdies happy! The most I have ever seen at once was at my Great Aunt and Uncle's farm in Boerne, Texas (near San Antonio) and you cold hold out the multi (8?) feeder and they literally SWARMED around me -- buzzing my hair.... oh that I still had hair for them to buzz but it WILL grow back -- I don't know when, but give me five years and I 'll bet I can make a braid again. Bummer my hair and nails grow so slowly -- maybe that will keep my nails from falling out....I'm trying tea tree oil but it really smells awful I am not sure I can stand it.....

I got a super booster surprise in the mail yesterday -- I was supposed to have two "chemo angels'' and I didn't know that -- I thought I just had one who was lovely from NJ -- I got about 15 cheery cards in snail mail (and three tea bags - earl grey -- and a lovely eastery colored bookmark... now how am I going to get all those replied to!? What a lovely gesture of these women... It shows me what I want to do once I feel better -- a little cheery card can make such a difference. I think I will look for a grant for this.... It seriously makes such a difference to feel that someone (anyone ) cares....

Thanks to Erik for letting me use this lovely photo.

xoxoxo Anne

03/23/2012 (no I am not Sheldon but he cheers me up!)

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