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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sea Anemone at Rest

One of my favorite pass-times (as a child, and still now as an adult) is poking around at the edge of the water and sand/rocks on the beach, particularly the Pacific Coast from Big Sur to Mendocino (where I hope to end up "when I grow up" -- so I can walk the beach and search for treasures every day. This beautiful multicolored anemone is right up my alley -- changing colors between blue and green -- like Indian silk that looks different colors depending on the direction you look at it (warp or weft, for you weavers)....This anemone is at peace -- though filled with sand that could set off contractions to close up and disguise itself like a rock. My nerves, on the eve of my third round of chemo (the second of which landed me in the hospital for a week in isolation) are set to contract, just like the petals of this anemone. Grant me the peace to stay relaxed over the next week: stress makes the pain unbearable, and I am scared, but not as scared as I am of not recovering fully. Isobel and Cannon this is for you.

Tuesday 3-13-12

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