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Friday, March 23, 2012

I'd heard a few, but not seen any yet.....

A Hummingbird! I love these.... and this year I will put out lots of food for them. I will meet or beat the challenge of the gentleman I met in Costco in Danville -- he goes through 25 lbs of sugar a WEEk to keep his birdies happy! The most I have ever seen at once was at my Great Aunt and Uncle's farm in Boerne, Texas (near San Antonio) and you cold hold out the multi (8?) feeder and they literally SWARMED around me -- buzzing my hair.... oh that I still had hair for them to buzz but it WILL grow back -- I don't know when, but give me five years and I 'll bet I can make a braid again. Bummer my hair and nails grow so slowly -- maybe that will keep my nails from falling out....I'm trying tea tree oil but it really smells awful I am not sure I can stand it.....

I got a super booster surprise in the mail yesterday -- I was supposed to have two "chemo angels'' and I didn't know that -- I thought I just had one who was lovely from NJ -- I got about 15 cheery cards in snail mail (and three tea bags - earl grey -- and a lovely eastery colored bookmark... now how am I going to get all those replied to!? What a lovely gesture of these women... It shows me what I want to do once I feel better -- a little cheery card can make such a difference. I think I will look for a grant for this.... It seriously makes such a difference to feel that someone (anyone ) cares....

Thanks to Erik for letting me use this lovely photo.

xoxoxo Anne

03/23/2012 (no I am not Sheldon but he cheers me up!)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring is coming.....

I don't know what this lovely tree is, but it runs rampant in Bernal Heights (SF) and is so bright that one needs sunglasses! It cheers me to see this lovely flower (and irritates me that I used to know the name....). I let Isobel drive most of the way to Berkeley yesterday and took over just in time -- a jerk driver (I thought they were  bad in Auburn) decided to pull across my lane (I had the right of way) to make a left in front of me.... he sat there cursing and making rude faces at me but I suddenly thought, instead of flipping him off (the drivers behind me were honking) I just grabbed the top of my skull cap and looked him straight in the eye and pulled it straight up leaving him gawking at my bald head... it was better than flipping him off. Just glad I took this picture first..... he was flabbergasted but continued to flap his gums at me (Isobel and I broke into laughter)......

Star date 03-22-12

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Snowy Vernal Equinox


Three Days Ago................................................. and Today

How appropriate that the third of my most nasty chemotherapy sessions has passed and I've gone from bright sunshiny spring to a deep sleep (thinking of the Wicked Witch of the West, saying "sleep my little pretties, sleep"). Perhaps it was the only way I could get through this horrible week by sleeping (literally) the entire time except while being infused with drugs, fluids, or anti-emetics. I doubt the snow did any long term harm to my precious blooms, and now we have the benefit of the added daylight every day that will surely help to bring healing light into the dark recesses of the evil tumors. My mother came from 80 degrees and cherry blossoms in Bethesda to help me to get rough this session, and fortunately I was able to relax enough to sleep 20 out of 24 hours each day for the past 4 days. Much needed sleep, and a much appreciated gift to not hve to worry about the children. Isobel has been driving stick with the able guidance of Coach Werntz, and Coaches Fernandez and McCrory have taken Cannon under their wings to try and motivate him from his efforts of zero at his school work in order to get him eligible for Football in the Fall. Please join with me in encouraging Cannon to realize the importance of "busy work" so that he can actually show that he has put some effort into his school work, and stays away from the wrong crowds who encourage him to be non-compliant and non-trustworthy. It really does take a village to raise a child, and this child does not  and will not listen to or respect his mother, however painful that reality may be for me.

Thank you one and all.