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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A slow but steady ascent..... into the land of the living

This week marks the first time since Thanksgiving that I am actually starting to feel less sick -- which is not to say I feel "well" but at least I feel improved and that is  HUGE positive step which begins to ease my mind. Its been three weeks since I had any chemo -- so the withdrawal is beginning (slowly) to ebb and I am in less pain and slightly more energetic (I can walk Gwendolyn 6 blocks instead of one!). I am just trying to focus on the positive and enjoy the last three months I have with two children at home.... I am (obviously) blue over Isobel leaving but a huge step towards her becoming more independent and making her own positive contributions to the world. Cannon will be next, though I am sure the next three years will fly by as he does his "job" of getting into a good college and training for football. I am proud of them more than I could ever say.

Anne 5-8-12