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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Small Rewards


On Friday I had a "simulation" with at CT scan of the radiation field, so that we can check to see how  much of my right lung will be radiated (and possibly damaged). Earlier in the week I had a vacuum mold made up so that I will be held into place on my back with my arm over my head, and had several black (yuck I requested pink) tattoo markers places so that the lasers will hit the right coordinates every time.

A wise woman who has already  undergone radiation for breast cancer suggested that I plan a small reward at the finish  of each treatment. Today I bought two cases of one of my favorite wines, so I can have a small reward each evening. I am still extremely achy from the chemo, so I have to wake up, take meds, and crawl back under the covers until I can move without weeping. 

Now my sessions are scheduled, and I am wearing a ring of Isobel's to give me strength, and so that later she can wear it when she needs strength, later in life. Starting in about a week, I will be radiated every weekday at 9:50 am PST, so please send me your good throughts then. This will go on through most of August, and then I should be able to return o a "normal" life taking oral chemotherapy for five more years and being checked for mammograms every few months. This too shall pass.

Thanks again for your support and love. I need it. So do my "babies", especially as one will be flying the coop just about that time. We got her a set of  "non losable" (bright) suitcases yesterday......

Anne 6-4-2012  (now mother to 17 and 15 year olds)

with much love and appreciation.