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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Beautiful and Unexpected Eulogy -- Life is uncertain....

Lots of changes in a week. Cannon finished 9th grade and goes off to football camp in Reno tomorrow.  Then summer school. (English and Geometry). In the mean time Isobel graduated HS and while Cannon is in Reno Isobel goes to Danville to visit her Bay Area friends. and when Cannon returns Isobel goes off to London for a week with her Granny to say goodbye to to her own Granny (98), home for a month to prepare for school, and off she goes to Cleveland (we just ordered her a quilt and pillow shams that are perfect for her). 

In the meantime, I started radiation this week, daily 10 minutes from two angles, and I'm already exhausted. My friend's mother just suddenly died and he sent me the eulogy he wrote and it made me cry -- I only hope I have influenced my own children as much (and the eulogy will be a long time in the future).

Thank you my friends for your support. I need you now more than ever.