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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Another little scare...... (life is uncertain)

Today I foundnd a hard walnut sized lump in my cancercerous breast -- drinking a glass of wine and trying not to panic..... I'll have a mammogram, ultrasound and a CT scan ASAP Sigh. Yes, I am terrified, even though the oncologist says this "unusal" but not unheard of. Yes, I am scared. The radiation is making my skin peel and dry --- Lots of aloe vera and cotton.

Tomorrow I have my port flushed out and labs drawn..this too shalll pass! <3

I am hoping to go to Cleveland in September for Parent's weekend... Isobel is so excited it is cute. Trying to set up her room to feel like home -- we bought a sewing machine and will stitch up matching blankets adn throws, adn a pair of stuffed elephants. This will be good OT.

Anne xoxoxo 6-27-12