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Thursday, July 5, 2012

When it rains, it pours......

After a few days of feeling really bad (vomitting etc.) I became so dehydrated I had to go to the ICU. My magnesium, potassium and lactate (lactic acid) levels were so concerning that I was on both oxygen and a heart monitor -- and they were checking my blood every 3 hours.... Its is only now, a week later, that I realize in what danger I was, they doctors finally were honest about their concerns. A main line IV was planned straight into my aorta -- and I suddenly turned around. That scared me, since I have a port already, and  had received 10 L. saline. Today I had a slew of medical appointments, and today was the first day I literally got out of bed.... so I received a new diagnosis -- fibromyalgia ( which is much less serious than the cancer, but still concerning. I have to rest, rest, and rest, and think positive thoughts as I prepare Isobel for her departure for college -- we have been having fun playing with all the different stitches on the new sewing machine. Four blankets and two stuffed elephants to go, and I think we have nearly everything set to go. I hope to start pinning the first blanket today. Next I will learn to quilt -- I am going to make her a quilted periodic table to put onto her wall.... (yes, I am a nutcase nerd). While I go up and down in my mood, a slight adjustment to my antidepressant has me feeling a bit less weepy and more cheerful. I continue to send out thanks to all of your strength and support. I will kick this cancer to the moon!

Anne Lunasagh 2012